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Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville. ..wonder if we'll ever get to use that header again. The radio station we spin Loud Love on every week for the people of Nashville, WRVU 91.1FM is no more. It was sold off in an unbelievably shady, underhanded, and foolhardy way and the signal that was Nashville's only choice for free-form music that might not be heard anywhere else for nearly 60 years was cut off without warning, or even a chance for a final sign-off, at 2:30 PM, 6/7/11. WPLN, an NPR affiliate purchased it to make a 24/7 classical music station so that they could focus on only talk radio. Before we broadcasted this week's show that you are listening to now, word was leaked that the call letters had been secretly changed. As this was the obvious death knell that the fight to save WRVU that we now know never stood a chance, (The sale was made anyways over the objections of thousands, the money-raising efforts of a non-profit organization, and logic.) the episode you are hearing tonight may feature us nearly dripping with sarcasm as we struggled to maintain professionalism in the face of such obvious disrespect, and in fear that this might be our final broadcast. That it did turn out to be, without letting us know, is a tragedy we won't soon get over. However this WILL NOT be the end of Loud Love. We are already making plans to land our feet, begin talking to other radio stations, and expanding our affiliations with the online music magazine www.sinizine.net . There will likely be a break of just a couple weeks here on Loud Love as we evaluate our options, speak to friends and advisors in the business, and work out a new plan of action, but rest assured, we'll let you know here first and there WILL be more Loud Love coming to listen to on a regular basis. We love all you listeners so much and hope you enjoy rocking as much as we do, so download this week's episode, turn it up loud, share it with your friends, mourn WRVU and the state of non-mainstream music on radio in general, and get ready, cause even as this was our last show broadcasting for this radio station, we don't back down, and you'll get over 20 songs in one hour of killer punk rock, some tidbits of knowledge, and barely controlled rage. Enjoy! And we'll see you again real soon. (Oh and you'll just have to follow along the playlist as we announce them on the audio, as they've already killed WRVU's archives and website as well.) Make sure you're still with us over at Twitter @NashRockCity and at www.sinizine.net/shows and you won't miss a beat on the coolest rock going on in Nashville... you just won't be able to hear it on the radio anymore. As an added bonus, here is the official last song ever played on the venerable WRVU 91.1FM in Nashville. Amazingly fitting and haunting.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBAujZTTV3o

Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

We're having some fun this week Nashville! Have the guys from Look What I Did in studio with us to talk about rumored releases, rumored shows, rumored political movements, and maybe a show and record that are confirmed and ready for public knowledge as well. We'll be playing old favorites, b-sides and new releases you may not have heard anywhere else, and talking about a whole lot of things which are without a doubt, NOT editorializing.
On a sadder note, because of an untimely death last week, we will also be playing a quick tribute to Poly Styrene of the great early punk band X-Ray Spex, who inspired tons of little girls to be seen and heard, and who's influence ranges far and wide, in addition to claiming a spot on any list of "top punk albums!" you'll read.
So strap in, turn up your speakers, and make sure you're tuning in this week, so you can get the answers to all the important questions. How many websites does LWID need you to visit? Can Ty turn up the radio voice and take over for us as host? How many nicknames does Acme have? Who is it that keeps calling Skeet? Find out the answers to these.. and more... this week, on Loud Love.
Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/3exp5fs

Shows you'll most likely see us at this week: 5/4- Cy Barkley 7" release show w. Natural Child, Big Surr @ Glenn Danzig's House. OR Those Lavendar Whales, Conestyle (new cd available), Chicken Little @ Betty's. 5/6- Look What I Did, Reverse Halo CD Release, Devin Robinson Band @ The Limit. OR Flesh Vehicle, Brother Thunderbolt @ The Rutledge. 5/7- Gnarwhal CD Release for Duane (remember them playing it in studio? Scroll down this page) w. Nameless Cults. 5/9- Velnias, Yautja, Sky Burial @ The Green Womb.
and hey, some of these shows are our Pick of The Month over at www.sinizine.net so don't miss out!


Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

It's Egg Hunt day! Well, suppose Sunday was technically everyone's favorite Easter Sunday/Zombie Jesus Day/Eat the Ears First Day, but for us, it's also a reason to play the entire recorded catalogue of Dischord's own Egg Hunt. So you get that in tonight's show, along with your usual dose of tons of punk rock goodness from classic to current, and some more amazing bonuses.. which may or may not require finding a plastic egg to get to. You'll have a track off the long-awaited, newly released full-length LP from Nashville's own rising stars Natural Child. You'll have a guest appearance from writer/photographer/all-around-useful Rebecca Seung dropping a hot track and some knowledge on ya.
We've got some more big news for you, as it's time to add a new site to your bookmarks, trust us on this one. We've teamed up with www.sinizine.net to bring you the best, easiest to read, most in the know, up-to-date, show calendar dedicated to rock music in Nashville over at www.sinizine.net/shows so check it out, and you've got one spot to see everything we know. But don't worry, we'll still be here too of course for your weekly dose of everything rockin' Nashville and beyond. Hey, you're tuning in to Loud Love, Congratulations! You're already a Winner!
Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/3l3bd9e

Shows you'll most likely see us at this week: 4/27- Family Entertainment System (FES), Sugar Skulls @ Springwater OR New Pleasure, Cy Barkley, Diarrhea Planet, Bummer @ Old Melrose Billiards. 4/29- NO FEST Day 1 @ Little Hamilton. Starts around 7? ft. Cannomen, Black Majesty, Nameless Cults, many more. OR Pink Spiders, Evan P. Donohue, Denney & The Jets @ The End. 4/30- NO FEST Day 2 @ Little Hamilton. Around 7 again, ft. Conestyle, No Christmas, Fox Capone, many more. OR Those Darlins, Heavy Cream @ Mercy Lounge OR The Clutters, Big Surr @ The Basement.


Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

Killing our resale values for you! That's right, in honor of Record Store Day and all the related festivities and amazing shows going on all weekend, this week's episode of Loud Love is played fully on warm beautiful vinyl. And yes, we will be playing some of the limited RSD releases that we managed to snag, hopefully everyone out there did as well with their own record hunts, but Nashville.. Nashville killed it like always. So get ready for a full hour of sexy records, info on upcoming shows, and an emotional farewell to the Mattoid, who played his final American show this past weekend before taking his talents back to Finland. We're gonna miss that guy and his incredible shows, but you can still enjoy the music!
In other somber news, the VSC Board that is considering selling the broadcast license for Nashville's own WRVU is having a meeting this week. Now is perfect time to send that email you've been putting off, imploring them NOT to sell, and to keep WRVU where it's been for nearly 60 years, on Nashville's airwaves, playing music you won't hear anywhere else. Go to www.savewrvu.com for all the details and a list of addresses to send your email, make your voice heard!
Keep your ears to the ground Nashville, as we're working on some big news for you, you know where to find the latest in the best rock shows going on around town: follow @NashRockCity on twitter, and get yourself ready, cause this town ain't slowing down, it's only getting bigger and better all the time. Isn't that right Rolling Stone Mag? http://tinyurl.com/3tk5sef that's right, you already knew it if you're reading this of course, but now even mostly-irrelevant rock mainstay mags know that Nashville has the country's best music scene, so get out there and be a part of it! Download, stream, and podcast subscription links for this week's all-vinyl episode below:

Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/3chsj8r

Shows you'll most likely see us at this week: 4/20- Release party for Natural Child's first full length LP, "1971" + Happy BDay to Jamin of JEFF The Brotherhood! 4:20pm @ House in East Nashville. You can assumedly pick the record up at all local stores! 4/21- Ben Nichols of Lucero 7pm. Pokey LaFarge 9pm. 2 Separate shows @ Foobar, also available as a doubleheader ticket. 4/22- Peelander Z, Cheap Time, Diarrhea Planet @ The End. OR The Kills, Cold Cave @ Cannery. OR No Christmas, Nameless Cults @ Little Hamilton. 4/23- StikFest all day @ The Muse. Damn near all StikMan label bands playing, including The Vivs, The Carry-Ons, The Creeping Cruds, etc. OR Cy Barkley, Bummer, Vacation, Feral Beat, Cannomen @ The Other Basement.


Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

Whewwwww, man are we ever exhausted. But that was one helluva great time we had Sunday night at the Loud Love Benefit for WRVU. Thanks to everyone who came out or watched along with the live video stream online, it was a blast. Had a real nice turnout and raised a significant amount of money for the cause to keep WRVU 91.1FM on the air in Nashville, but more importantly, we raised some awareness and let a bunch more people in on the secret that we do some very cool things in the music scene in this town, and that the bands are the best you'll find anywhere. And we had a lot of fun doing it. Keep an eye out for more pics and reviews.
Special thanks to all the bands that played, every one was so so good, and it ran so smooth. Never seen a 6 band set be on time and do changeovers so smoothly and quickly, no fuss, no fights, no drama, just amazing rock. Black Patch started out the night and made the bartenders nights with their tight set of songs to drink to. Then Gnarwhal came out, eschewed the stage to set up right on the floor amidst the crowd, and absolutely tore the place apart with their shred and a bunch of new tracks from their brand new album, Duane. After that, Flesh Vehicle took the stage, and showed everyone what they learned from their combined monstrous experience in the music biz, they put on an an arena quality show at a smallish venue and really brought the levels up. Evan P. Donohue came out next and kept the ladies swooning with some pitch-perfect dreamy surf rock, incredibly impressive set. Following him, Diarrhea Planet made absolutely sure everyone knew this was the LOUD Love Benefit, blasting a wall of sound into the crowd from amps stacked all across the stage behind their 4-guitar driven garage-punk power. And that wasn't even the end of it... The One & Only R. Stevie Moore closed the night out with an amazing set of tracks from his vast vast catalogue, in his inimitable style, including a variety of headgear changes, great interludes, and an encore set that started off with a dive onto his own guitar.
If you weren't there.. well, you still help the cause by checking out www.savewrvu.com and finding out what you can do to keep a unique outlet for music in Nashville, and party with us at events like this one. As much fun as we had, there's bound to be more good stuff coming your way, keep checking back there, and of course, right here, as we'll be with you for everything rockin' in Nashville. Hope you enjoyed the show, there will be some video and audio of the live show forthcoming, so make sure to keep your ear to the ground.. and your eyes right here. Hint: there's already some youtubes scattering around, and if you tune in to this week's episode of Loud Love right here right now, you'll get the very first little taste of a live track from the show. Which incredible band was it? Well you're just gonna have to listen to find out! ...or cheat and look at the playlist ahead of time. Turn it up, let's rock!
Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/3e85j7a

Shows you'll most likely see us at this week: 4/6- Kurt Vile, Pujol, Casa Castille @ The End OR World Inferno Friendship Society, Stuck Lucky @ The Muse OR Neo Cons, Symptoms, Cy Barkley, Cannomen @ Little Hamilton. 4/8- Conestyle, Fox Capone @ Little Hamilton. 4/9- Denney & The Jets, Dirty Knees, Looks Like A Snake @ Betty's. 4/10- Evan P. Donohue, Lovedrug @ Exit/In.

Photo of Flesh Vehicle Live at the Loud Love Benefit for WRVU by Nathan Cox.

Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville. You demanded it, we got it. We were lucky enough to have another band in studio with us this week that will be playing the Loud Love Benefit for WRVU this Sunday at The Muse. That's right, Nashville favorites (even if they've been away from home touring a bit lately) Gnarwhal! One of the raddest bands around with the raddest name, just released a new album for everyone to check out called Duane. You'll be able to pick up a copy at the show on Sunday night, when you're done listening to them, and the 5 other outstanding bands that will be playing in support of keeping WRVU on the Nashville airwaves. That's the killer cover art for the album at the top of this post, painted by Nashville's own Cam Baechle. If you can't make it to the show, well, they'll be playing some more, or get in touch and see if you can't get your hands on a copy. We definitely have some fun in the studio this week, like to thank the guys from Gnarwhal again for coming in, as well as playing the benefit show, even though (K)Evan is unfortunately, dead. By tuning in this week you can also find out the many corporations and popular musicians supported by the band! Seriously, download this week's episode now, but sorry, you already missed out on the webcam action. The Benefit show, of course, is this coming Sunday, April 3rd, over at The Muse in Nashville. In case you've been living under a rock, scroll down to last week's episode to check out the event poster, and tune in this week as we play tracks from nearly all of the bands that will be playing the show, along with a bunch off Gnarwhal's new record! We'd love to see everyone out there, helping us support free-form radio in Nashville, as well as getting to see an absolutely stacked show for the ridiculously low price of a $5 minimum donation. If for some unfortunate reason you can't make it to Nashville this weekend, there's still hope! The Muse website ( themusenashville.com ) will be live-streaming the concert, so park yourself in front of a computer by 8pm CST and don't leave until we do! For real, it's gonna be so good, but don't just take our word for it.. http://www.wrvu.org/?p=826 http://www.nashvillescene.com/nashville/loud-love-save-wrvu-benefit-feat-the-legend-black-patch-gnarwhal-evan-p-donohue-diarrhea-planet-flesh-vehicle-and-r-stevie-moore/Event?oid=2342968 http://sinizine.net/uncategorized/2011/03/loud-loves-benefit-for-wrvu/ http://nashvillesdead.com/2011/03/30/the-loudest-love/ etc., etc. and of course.. www.savewrvu.com Thanks again to all the bands and friend helping promote this, and to everyone who we see out on Sunday night! Let's make enough noise that our voices can't go unheard! Playlist for this week's episode: http://tinyurl.com/3bj82b6 Shows you'll most likely see us at this week: 3/30- Dex Romweber Duo, The Clutters @ Foobar.too 4/1- Ridiculous choice day, here goes: D. Watusi (7" release show), Diarrhea Planet, Fox Fun @ Glenn Danzigs House OR White Denim, Hans Condor (Black & Blue live series) @ Third Man Records OR Sebadoh @ Mercy Lounge OR Exene Cervenka (X) & Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) @ Exit/In. yeesh.. 4/3- LOUD LOVE BENEFIT FOR WRVU ft. Black Patch, Gnarwhal, Flesh Vehicle, Evan P. Donohue, Diarrhea Planet, R. Stevie Moore! @ The Muse

Originally broadcast Live on FM Radio in Nashville.

Who's gonna win this weekend, the Stackers or the Peelers?
Jim Morrison and the Commodoors of Perception?
It's a real special episode this week, as we were lucky enough to have the legendary R. Stevie Moore in studio with us to talk everything from Nashville to New Jersey, home recording and DIY, to free-form radio and the major role he played in it as an on-air DJ back in the very early days of New Jersey's famed WFMU 91.1. Not only talk though, as R. Stevie Moore and Mr. Roger Ferguson played live and acoustic a bunch of tracks, including material from the upcoming album being worked on right now. Hear these performances and love them? You can still be a part of the aforementioned album by heading over to the oft-mentioned http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rstvmo/r-stevie-moore

Trust us, you don't want to miss this episode. R. Stevie Moore has roughly umpteenbillion albums to his name, most home-recorded and produced and published to cassette by himself and his own label, and really kicked off the DIY ethos that was to gain so much traction later on when the punk movement hit in the early 70s, and today with the decline of major label music and the onset of tons of self-published album through ProTools and GarageBand, Audacity and the internet and the like. R. Stevie Moore was doing it without the tools consistently since the 60s, only now you'll see more albums on CD than Cassette tape. His vinyl albums are still much sought after and hard to come by, and his work on WFMU really set the tone for free-form as something to aspire to. But most importantly, it's an interesting and fun 2 hours of good times and talk, and great music, including these live in studio performances from a once, and current, Nashville local.

Thanks again to R. Stevie Moore, Roger Ferguson, and Eric Andre who made this happen and also filmed the studio sessions. Keep your eyes peeled as we'll have some video for you as well from the Live Loud Love Sessions as soon as we can. Until then, take the audio here, listen, download, subscribe, enjoy, and go check out R. Stevie Moore- both online, and live in concert Fri, Feb 4th, at Mercy Lounge with Deerhoof.
And tune back in next Monday Night (or afterwards right here) for more Loud Love, heading back to the normal punk rock and hardcore format, with possibly another special guest in the studio with us! So stay tuned, and turn it up.
Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/4cr4rff

Huge week for shows here in Nashville, get out every night and keep the twitter to @NashRockCity for constant updates of where we head to rock out
Shows you'll most likely see us at this week: 2/1- Yo La Tengo & William Tyler @ Exit/In. 2/2- Monotonix (cd release show), Pujol, Hawkfish @ The End. (do NOT miss this one, one of the best live acts, seriously, you'll kick yourself) OR Cobra Skulls, Stuck Lucky, Commonwealth of American Natives @ The Muse. 2/3- Cowboy Mouth & Dash Rip Rock @ Exit/In. OR Karoshi & Yautja @ Little Hamilton. 2/4- Deerhoof & R. Stevie Moore @ Mercy Lounge (seriously, no way you can miss this after listening to tonight's show) OR Turbo Fruits, Denney & The Jets, D.Watusi, Slammers @ The Other Basement. 2/5- Cannomen & Gnarwhal @ Little Hamilton. ALSO this weekend fri/sat night and sun morning, you get a 2nd chance to see the amazing LEMMY documentary at the Belcourt. Find time if you haven't seen it yet. 2/6- Super Bowl! Followed by afterparty with Chris Crofton Comedy, Alcohol Stuntband, and Cy Barkley @ Springwater.

That enough for one week? Rock n Roll Nashville.